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Our Mission

To be your trusted, impartial website guide, making technology a force for good. We avoid any business relationships with any websites listed.

Core Values

We place our core values above maximizing revenues. 


Our core values are:​

  • Impartiality

  • Conciseness 

  • Integrity

  • Promote choice


[dux, duc-is m] Latin

(n)  To guide, to lead

Sitedux derives from “site” for websites and “dux” which means “guide” in Latin. 



For the websites listed in each topic category we:

• Comprehensively research and investigate every website
• Factor in all reputable comparison information and articles.

Note: a “Reference Articles” section is included on each topic page.
• Make our own assessment, analysis and comparison of websites
• Aggregate and assemble all that information to form our Top 4 with the rest listed under “More Sites”

Our users depend on Sitedux to be trustworthy. Thus, we have a strict ethical commitment to integrity and impartiality. We are unbiased in our assessments and avoid having any financial relationship or reason to favor some website or company over others.

Who We Are

Like many, we in the San Francisco Bay Area “sheltered in place” during the pandemic while the value and importance of websites increased. Our aim is to empower you, the user, leveraging the power of the Web to enrich your life.

- Paul & Gabby

Our Team

Paul Kohler

Paul Kohler

Gabby Gonzales

Gabby Gonzales

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