Hiking and Backpacking Trails


Hiking and Backpacking Trails

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View and filter trails by features and difficulty and enjoy safety features while hiking


Hiking Project

Crowdsourced informational guides on trails and routes around the world


The Outbound Collective

Inclusive publication connecting everybody to the outdoors by highlighting travelers' experiences


Trail Link

On a mission to connect the world through public trails


Hiking and backpacking are great ways to get in touch with nature. With the help of the internet, it's easier than ever to prepare yourself for the perfect trip. There are many resources out there to help you find and navigate trails, plan for everything you may encounter in the wilderness, and document and share your experiences. Many sites will also point you to any gear you may need on the trails with reviews from expert hikers. Some have online communities as well. We recommend taking a look at a few of these websites to make sure you're ready for the trails. While most of these sites offer general advice and databases of trails around the world, you may also want to search for local recreation websites so you have information and advice specific to you and the area you'll be hiking.

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Hiking and Backpacking Trails

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Adventure Alan

Facts and information on light backpacking including gear reviews, how-to guides, and other resources

American Hiking Society

Online hiking community that shares experiences, photos, and advice

Andrew Skurka

Adventure guides, planning advice, and guided trips

Backpacker Magazine

Backpacking gear reviews and information on various destinations

Best Hike

Catalog of the best hikes around the world

Bushwalk Australia

Discussion forum for the bushwalkers of Australia to connect with each other and share experiences and advice


Powerful online planning and mapping tool for the recreational community

Chris Townsend Outdoors

Blog consisting of trip reports, gear reviews, photos, and more


Explore the trails of Colorado's state and national parks


App for mountain adventures curated by professional hikers and outdoor experts

FarOut Guides

Navigational app that provides thorough guides for long-distance trails

Finger Lakes Trail

Information and resources on visiting New York's Finger Lakes Trail system


Discover trails and offroad routes in your area

Gear Institute

Comprehensive outdoor gear reviews from a network of experienced testers in the field

Gear Junkie

Product reviews for outdoor gear with columns in newpapers around the US

Google Earth

Geobrowser with a 3D viewer to help visualize routes


Detailed writeups for hikes and campgrounds around the world


In-depth tips and tricks by a professional hiking guide


Track your runs with useful data such as distance, pace, elevation, and more

Modern Hiker

Blog and hike finder with trail guides

NY Hiking Trail Finder

Volunteer-led organization that provides accurate information on public trail maps and guides

National Park Service

Resource for national park information that helps preserve communities' local history and heritage

Northern California Hiking Trails

Blog that showcases travel stories and information on trails in Northern California


Route finder and travel planner with inside tips from the community


Quick tips and advice based on stories from travelers

PeakFinder App

Offline app that displays panoramic views of mountains around the world from any viewpoint

Presidio Trails

Find trails in the Presidio area of San Francisco

Rocky Mountain National Park

Trail details and tips to navigate through the Rocky Mountain National Park

Section Hiker

Backpacking and gear reviews for hikers of all experience levels

SoCal Hiker

Find popular trails in the western US with guides and forums


Community forums and trip reviews on hikes in North America

Tennessee State Parks

Information on hiking the state parks in Tennessee

The Trail Posse

Nonprofit journalism project with articles on a mission to make the outdoors more inclusive and equitable for all races


Materials and guides to help people create personalized gear for the outdoors


Detailed worldwide hiking maps and guides with experiences from others


Hiking and backpacking magazine with forums, gear and trip reviews, recipes, and more


Database of trails with maps made for travelers, builders, and associations

Trails LA County

Explore hiking trails in LA county

Treeline Review

In-depth and trustworthy outdoor gear reviews to simplify the buying process

Uncommon Path (REI Blog)

Blog run by REI that shares stories, advice, and reports on outdoor gear


Guides to Utah's mountains and deserts


Nature app that lets you identify plants around you while contributing to science

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