Hobbies, Clubs and Interests


Hobbies, Clubs and Interests

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Find groups and events online or in person to meet people who share your interests and hobbies


Craftsman Ave

Small hands-on workshops in Brooklyn to learn new skills and build new hobbies



Video platform with a strong community in virtually all topics, allowing you to learn from and share with others



Community-driven interest-based platform


The internet has made it easier to discover hobbies and connect with others, especially during Covid-19. One way to meet new people is to join an online club or discussion platform based around your interests and hobbies. Many of the websites listed here cover any topic under the sun so you're bound to find your tribe. There are also several apps out there that will connect you with people nearby so you can make in-person connections. If you're looking for new hobbies, you can use these websites to explore interests and find classes and events to attend.

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Hobbies, Clubs and Interests

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Bumble BFF

View profiles of people near you and swipe to start a friendly conversation


Lets users host rooms and invite people into audio discussions on any topic


Online classes, inspiring newsletters, and downloadable resources for members who want to practice crafts and hobbies


Community-driven social networking video and live chat platform

Discover a Hobby

Discovery platform that lists hobbies by category

Facebook Groups

Find communities through your Facebook connections

Hobby Club

Sells parts for repairing vehicles

Hobby Lobby

Privately-owned arts and crafts retailer


App that connects nearby users with shared hobbies and interests


Free app for finding people to connect with

O*NET Interest Profiler

Self-assessment tool that suggests hobbies you may enjoy


Make platonic friends near you


Membership-based platform that connects artists with their fans by providing exclusive content


Internet discussion forum for a variety of topics. Recently filed for IPO & majority owned by Advance Publications


Social networking app that allows users to join communities and discussions of interest


Matches you in a group of 3 people located nearby who share your beliefs and lifestyle

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