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College Navigator

Federal database of schools that provides detailed reports


College Board

Nonprofit resource with testing and customizable career exploration tools



College search and scholarship resource. Owned by EAB



Student reviews and discussion forums


When searching for colleges on any search engine, millions of results pop up. College searching is a stressful process, so to prevent being overwhelmed, here are the top college search resources across the web. When using these websites, determine the criteria that's important to you. Things to consider include majors and departments, sports, class sizes, environmental settings, student organizations, and more. These sites include filters and search functions that allow you to narrow down colleges based on your preferences. Some provide easy-to-read summaries, rankings, and grades for certain aspects of the college. When available, read student and alumni reviews to get a good feel for the school's culture.

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Simple and easy-to-use learning platform with school reviews and book rentals

College Confidential

Helpful discussion forum for college and career search

College Insight

Uses data-driven comparison tables and analysis

College Portrait

Public colleges and universities info tool. Owned by Voluntary System of Accountability (VSA)

College Results Online

Graduation rate comparison resource. Hosted by The Education Trust


Historical outcome data


Features reviews by students


Browse rankings and scholarships. Hosted by Carnegie Dartlet


Report card-style reviews and statistics


Advice for starting the search and application process

University & College Accountability Network (U-CAN)

For prospective students and families. Hosted by National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU)

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