Groceries Delivery


Groceries Delivery


When deciding on a grocery delivery service to use, evaluate the options using factors like item availability, delivery times, fees, Covid-19 protocol, and available discounts and promotions. If you have a favorite grocery store you like to visit, make sure it's included on the website you choose. Because you can't physically hold each item, it's easy to make mistakes when ordering online, so remember to check packaging sizes and other details. Keep your phone handy so you can respond to any text messages you may get from your shopper. If an item is out of stock, they may ask if you have a preferred substitution. Always follow up on any mistakes right away, as customer service will likely provide a refund or some other solution to make it right.

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Groceries Delivery

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• The AmazonSmile program donates 0.5% of purchases to your favorite charity, and all you need to do is start your shopping at
• Amazon frequently introduces their own products to compete directly with their long-time suppliers. They often pay no federal income taxes (e.g., 2017, 2018).
• Amazon is being investigated on antitrust issues by the US Federal Trade Commission, State Attorneys General & House Subcommittee on Antitrust.

• Fosters info bubbles, political division, polarization, dis/misinformation & conspiracy theories in the US & worldwide. Despite pressure to address these issues, they have repeatedly insisted they have little capability to address the problem.
• Facebook is being investigated on antitrust, users privacy & content moderation by the Federal Trade Commission, State Attorneys General, House Subcommittee on Antitrust, Senate Judiciary Committee & Federal Communications Commission.