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Tech and electronic product reviews, commentary, and analysis


Consumer Reports

Credible and trustworthy nonprofit organization that delivers reviews straight from the consumer


Consumer Search

Simplifies consumer research by providing well-rounded reviews from around the web



Customer reviews and ratings on millions of Amazon-sold products (see footnote)


When you're looking for a specific product or service, the amount of options may feel overwhelming. One of the best ways to help your decision along is to look at reviews from real customers. Fake reviews are prevalent online, as some are affiliated with one of the products or paid to say something is great or poor. Don’t put much weight on reviews that are either extremely good or bad, but try to pick up the prevailing theme among several reviews. It's better when there are more reviews because it makes it harder for fake reviews to throw off the average. When possible, it's wise to combine online reviews with any input from reputable experts and friends or acquaintances. Note that many of these websites specialize in certain products or services, while others have a wide scope.

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Popular review site for US services of all kinds

Best Products

Video reviews of researched and tested products


Marketplace with written and video reviews on customer purchases

Advocates for consumers victimized by fraudulent, abusive, and predatory business practices


Helps car buyers make decisions through reviews and pricing guides


Avoid shady sellers, products with dishonest reviews, and scam websites for free


Software and technology reviews and products

Good Housekeeping

Household product reviews


Game and entertainment reviews


Movies and entertainment reviews from the viewer


Consumer-influenced reviews on products and services, offers buyer guides


Rating and review site with a wide range of categories

Public Citizen

Nonprofit, progressive consumer rights advocacy group and think tank


Verified customer reviews and recommendations


Product review platform with expert-driven Q&A features

Tom's Guide

Helps consumers find the right technology to buy


Community-driven reviews of businesses to help consumers shop with confidence and gain rich insights. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark


Household product and appliance reviews by the consumer

Wirecutter (NY Times)

Gadget and gear model comparison


Connects people to local businesses

* Footnote:

• The AmazonSmile program donates 0.5% of purchases to your favorite charity, and all you need to do is start your shopping at
• Amazon frequently introduces their own products to compete directly with their long-time suppliers. They often pay no federal income taxes (e.g., 2017, 2018).
• Amazon is being investigated on antitrust issues by the US Federal Trade Commission, State Attorneys General & House Subcommittee on Antitrust.