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Provides tool comparisons and options



Provides tool comparisons and options


Home Depot

Offers tool rentals and in-store pickup


There are a number of in-person and online home improvement stores you can check if you're in need of tools and materials for your next project. Some stores may carry tools that others don't. If the thing you need is available from several places, compare prices and policies to help you choose which one to go with. Before buying an item, read the product description carefully and check details such as sizes and materials to make sure it's what you need. It's also wise to check warranties and guarantees before purchasing.

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Ace Hardware

Located locally in most places


Wide variety of tools and equipment


Wide selection with reviews and ratings by customers (see footnote)

Bosch Tools

Power tools and accessories


Guaranteed tools for tough jobs

Harbor Freight Tools

Tools and home improvement equipment, known for their competitive prices


Online marketplace for clothing, household items, toys, jewelry, crafts, accessories, and collectibles. They claim lower fees and quicker, simpler, and easier selling where sellers and buyers are individual people, not retailers. They’re Japan-US based.

My Tool Store

Professional specialty tools

Northern Tool

Family-run business, for jobs of any size


Offers free shipping and frequent deals

The Tool Nut

Great selection for everyone

Tool Barn

Carries major brands, offers replacement parts, and provides diagrams

Tool Factory Outlet

Family owned and operated

Tool Nut

Great selection for everyone


High-quality products & great service

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• The AmazonSmile program donates 0.5% of purchases to your favorite charity, and all you need to do is start your shopping at
• Amazon frequently introduces their own products to compete directly with their long-time suppliers. They often pay no federal income taxes (e.g., 2017, 2018).
• Amazon is being investigated on antitrust issues by the US Federal Trade Commission, State Attorneys General & House Subcommittee on Antitrust.