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Nonpartisan, nonprofit political fact-checking site of the Annenberg Public Policy Center, University of Pennsylvania



Uses meter system to fact-check politicians & political news. Funded by Poynter Institute, a nonprofit school for journalists



Uses meter system to fact-check politicians & political news. Funded by Poynter Institute, a nonprofit school for journalists



Oldest and largest fact-checking site, linking to and documenting their sources. Owned by Snopes Media Group


Washington Post Fact Checker

Washington Post's fact checking site with a political focus. Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos, Chairman of Amazon


As helpful and convenient as the internet is, it's also full of misinformation from unreliable sources. When reading news headlines and political statements, it's important to be cautious of the information that's presented because not all media outlets are reliable or bias-free. The websites listed here are dedicated to providing unbiased, factual stories to readers and encouraging the public to make their own assessments based on the truth. When reading news stories, remember to check the publish date and website domains for current and trustworthy information. Be wary of following any links from unknown sources. It's best to check multiple sources reporting the same story and cross-reference facts to be sure you're getting the full picture.

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Africa Check

Identifies public statements and publishes reports. Independent nonprofit funded by philanthropic and individual donors

Check Your Fact

Fact-checks political subjects. Owned by right-wing news website Daily Caller and founded by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson

Exposing The Truth (ETT)

Fact-checks with relevant info without triviality, fear-based sensationalism, or propaganda. UK-based

Fact Check from Duke Reporters' Lab

Database of global fact-checking sites & research on news media. Center for journalism research at Duke University


Researches unverified claims and determines whether they are “fact” or “myth“ with community participation

Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR)

Monitors US news media for inaccuracy, bias, and censorship. Left-leaning nonprofit funded by individual donations


Helps people recognize flaws of arguments in political messages & ads. Companion to FactCheck.org

Full Fact

Independent UK-based fact-checking. Funded by individuals, Facebook’s 3rd party fact-checking, and Google.org Fellowship

Ground News

News stories without bias highlighting diverse, opposing viewpoints based upon subscription not ads revenue model. They highlight local news sources where possible. They aim to foster civil debate and critical thought, while holding media accountable. Based in Canada

Intl Fact-Checking Network's Principles

Commits organizations to a code of principles to promote excellence in fact-checking

Lead Stories

Fact-checking viral posts. LLC funded by ads, trend engine licensing, Facebook’s 3rd-party fact-checking & consultants

Media Bias / Fact Check (MBFC)

Rates bias, accuracy, and credibility of media sources. Funded by reader donations, 3rd party ads & membership subscriptions

Media Matters for America

Nonprofit media watchdog group that is politically left-leaning

Media Research Center

Media watchdog group that is politically right-of-center

NPR FactCheck

NPR's fact-checking page, focused on politics. NPR is funded by the US government


Transparent accountability trust ratings for US news outlets


Nonpartisan, independent nonprofit that tracks money and its effect on US elections and public policy

Teen Fact-Checking Network (TFCN)

Fact-checks for teenagers by teenagers. Funded by MediaWise, journalism Poynter Institute and individual donors

The Dispatch Fact Check

Identifies and corrects errors of fact, misstatements, and dis/misinformation in news stories and social media feeds


Nonpartisan site debunking propaganda & dis/misinformation, offering context, nuance & how to tell the real from false


Nonpartisan, nonprofit initiative reporting US government facts and statistics

Zebra Fact Check

Looks at statements other fact-checkers ignore with a right-center lean. Unclear funding and ownership

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