Sports News and Scores

Sports News and Scores

Top Sites


Bleacher Report

Track your favorite team or franchise


CBS Sports

Provides fans with live coverage of the biggest sports events


Yahoo! Sports

Vast coverage of major sporting events with customizable notifications. Owned by Verizon



Serves sports fans with up-to-date coverage of major sports worldwide


General news outlets provide big updates and highlights on major sports, but specialized sites are superior for in-depth sports coverage. These sites provide more frequent updates, real-time coverage, and news on a greater variety of sports and events. Some of them are dedicated to a single sport or a certain part of the world while others include worldwide news. There is often a section for rankings and statistics so you can see how your favorite teams and players are doing at any time. For up-to-the-minute live updates, turn on notifications.

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More Websites
(Listed alphabetically)

365 Scores

Live game updates for the ultimate sports fan

America's Rugby News

Rugby news and updates in the Americas

BBC Sport

Worldwide sports news

Dofu Live Stream

Live streams and coverage on the go


ESPN's soccer news and stats

Fox Sports

Video highlights and replays. Owned by News Corp, led by Rupert & Lachlan Murdoch


International soccer news and stats

NBC Sports

Live online event coverage


Official National Hockey League website

Sports Illustrated

Scoreboard and game information

The Hockey News

Hockey news and updates. Partnered with Sports Illustrated


Breaking news, updates, and statistics coverage by the second

World Rugby

Rugby Union's official site that features news, rankings & results

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