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Question and answer forum with community that includes experts



Popular discussion forum with user voting. Reddit has filed for IPO & majority owned by Advance Publications



User-friendly and lenient discussion forum


Hacker News

Technology, entrepreneurship, and startups news and discussion. Owned by YCombinator


The internet provides countless opportunities to connect with people around the world and have discussions on any topic. No matter what your interests are, there's a discussion forum for you. Some sites include places to discuss anything you can imagine, while others focus only on a single topic. When looking for a discussion board, consider types of discussions held there, the size of the community, and the general format and feel. Many sites have a ranking system to bring the most popular comments to the top. Some are more casual and humor-based while others learn toward the serious side. Decide what you want and find a community you feel comfortable in.

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Funny and lighthearted content. Headquartered in Hong Kong, China

Ask Ubuntu

Discussion forum for Ubuntu users. Owned by Stack Exchange, Inc


Discuss trending topics


Paid technology / IT forum and discussion groups


Discussion forum for gamers. Owned by Red Ventures

India Forums

Indian entertainment discussion. Headquartered in India


Find products in different categories. Owned by AngelList


Technology news and discussion

Something Awful

Internet culture and comedy

Stack Overflow

Discussion forum for computer programmers. Owned by Stack Exchange, Inc

Tripadvisor Forum

Discussion forum for travelers. Owned by InterActiveCorp (IAC)

XDA - Developers

Discussion forum for smartphone developers

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